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Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School Life at St. Peter's C.E. Primary School


Pupils at St. Peter’s have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities that take place during and after school. The importance of such activities should not be underestimated and they are a defining feature of life at St. Peter’s, exemplifying our holistic approach to learning, leading as they do, to esteem-raising individual, and team, success. An up to date list of clubs is provided prior to the start of each term so that pupils can sign up. Please read on to find out about some of the clubs that have been run previously… 


During the summer term Athletics club is available to children in years 4, 5 and 6. Athletics club aims to develop skills in running, skipping, throwing and jumping. Keen athletes are given the opportunity to participate in NEARS group tournaments and competitions arranged through Mid-Sussex.


Ballet is offered to both boys and girls from Reception to Year 6. Ballet promotes physical strength and agility, can boost concentration, develops an understanding of music and rhythm and generates a love of movement.


Basketball club is offered to our children in Year 6. Players are taught the correct athletic techniques for the game, essential footwork, shooting form and ball handling. Through Mid-Sussex competitions and the NEARS group, children have the chance to represent the school in matches.


A wonderful opportunity for children to get creative and express themselves in different ways, whilst improving skills and growing in confidence. During the summer term the children are learning to crochet.


During the summer months children, of all abilities, from years 4, 5 and 6 have the chance to learn to play cricket. Through various tournaments organised by Sussex Cricket Club and the NEARS group, there are many opportunities for children to represent the school.  


If you love music and rhythm and enjoy staying active whilst having fun then Popsteps club is just for you! A perfect way to keep fit and healthy by learning fun and funky dance moves.

Football Club

Open to boys and girls, of all abilities, in years 3, 4, 5 and 6, football club is an opportunity to build a love for the game! As well as introducing new skills and developing tactics, there are a number of opportunities to represent the school in matches, including Mid-Sussex and NEARS tournaments, the NEARS league and friendlies against other local schools.

Go Fence

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a musketeer then Go Fence is a great introduction to fencing. Using plastic and foam equipment, children can safely learn the skills of fencing in a fun and easy way. An exciting way to stay fit and healthy.


Our breakfast golf club, JOLF, aims is to provide a fun, engaging and appropriate experience for every child. The programme involves children in stimulating and enjoyable games-based experiences. It aims to develop children’s ability to play golf;
improve their movement and thinking skills and promote positive attitudes to learning and working with others.


Netball Club introduces children to High 5s netball, an entry game of netball designed specifically for children, aged 9 - 11. This game is a great way for children to get active and enjoy themselves whilst learning and improving key netball skills. There are opportunities for children to play in friendly netball matches against other NEARS teams and participate in netball festivals.


Multiskills offers children the opportunity to try out a range of different sporting activities in a quest to find a favourite. Each week an action packed session offers activities ranging from volley and bowling to disc golf and speed stacking.

Tag Rugby

Tag rugby is a great introduction into the game of rugby. This non-contact sport gives children in KS2 the opportunity to learn the rules, through skills, drills and mini matches. St. Peter's enter competitions through Mid-Sussex and the NEARS group, plus play friendlies against local schools.


A popular club for children from Reception to Year 6, tennis provides countless physical benefits from developing hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, balance and body coordination to speed, agility and flexibility.  Every year St. Peter's takes part in the Road to Eastbourne Tennis Tournament organised by Mid Sussex Active.


We believe that our children are incredibly fortunate to be offered such a wide variety of lunchtime and after school clubs with no additional cost. This is only due to the dedication and commitment of our staff and parents. Children are therefore expected to be committed to the clubs they have chosen until at least half term. Before considering leaving a club, we ask parents to discuss this opportunity with their child. Afterschool clubs are not organised as a form of childcare. Some parents choose to make private arrangements for before and after school childcare. Currently we do not have any links with organisations who provide before or after school facilities.